A la folie ma Cherie……

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A la folie ma Cherie……

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Melbourne. Macaron. Melbourne. Macaron. Anyone else a little pleased by this trend? There is something about all their shiny candy colourdness that makes me happy. They are so pretty and simple and lady like (but still totally cool for men of course). So when last week CJ mentioned a new specialist had opened in Royal Arcade I knew we had to go and check it out.

Positioned in the middle of the arcade, A La Folie, is more of an inner counter than a shop. It’s so prettily decked out with just the sort of chachkas (to borrow a term) that I love – especially the silver lolly pop holder and the bird bell jar. I may have to find out where they acquired both.

A part of the ever popular cafe ‘Caffe e Torta’ this little gem really only does macarons, coffee and the honey pops. The range of flavors was good but not too out there and they were a substantial sized treat. We were offered a taster of the ‘signature macaron’, green tea matcha – this was rich, sweet particularly green teaish with a rich decadence too it. It was also really pretty.


CJ and I then spent some time debating flavors ending with Lemon and Jasmine respectively. We chatted with the friendly woman, her first day, as our treats were wrapped in clear bags with bright stickers. We were both a little thrown by the $3 price tag making them one of the more expensive options around although as I mentioned they were a generous size (think Lindt) this may play a part in pricing.


So the verdicts? CJ reports that the lemon was perhaps a little too sweet and for me the Jasmine was very jasmineish but I definitely preferred the green tea matcha for unique flavor. I think I was partly lured by it’s pretty whiteness. I am such an easy sell. The texture however was really good with crunchy glossy shell, a good foot and a balance of filling to shell. I think in the pursuit of journalistic research I may need to try another one.

I can definitely see the romance in purchasing a macaron and coffee in this gorgeous location and window shopping while stepping back in time.


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