A plantation growing in Melbourne…

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A plantation growing in Melbourne…

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Have you tried cold drip coffee?

I had never tried this delicious way of preparing coffee until a few weeks when I popped into the newly opened Plantation just on the edge of the Dining Hall in Melbourne Central. From the owners of St Ali and Sensory Lab those guys know coffee. We know that. But wow.

Cold drip coffee is strong, rich has no hint of burnt (duh) and has this clean coffee taste I loved. So, you may have guessed I am very much a new fan!


I was browsing through the small retail section when one of the lovely staff members (they all seem to be lovely – she was a star and Mr Smiley above was too cute!) came to show me about and tell me a little more about the products on offer. Being new to the world of cold drip I had no idea what it was – it’s a process of dripping cold or room temp water very very slowly (one drip every few seconds) over ground beans for hours. The equipment used is elaborate and a little reminiscent of an old fashioned mad scientists lab. Very cool.


I was offered a sample of one of the flavors (a single origin Columbian I think?) and it was served to me in a tiny coffee glass so icy cold I could feel my fingers chilling. It was delicious. Rich and strong the flavour remained complex but not over powering. It was also refreshing. And packed with antioxidants. Yay. I think this will catch on especially with summer heading our way. Already I have now snuck back three times (twice to buy little bottles of cold drip to come home with me and once for a hot coffee to go with cupcakes).

Plantation also sells a range for breakfast, small lunch options, cakes that look great, hot coffee and lots of equipment and coffee beans. They also sell a special sugar called Panela cane sugar a single origin dried cane sugar juice. I haven’t mixed this in with a drink yet but did have a pinch and yum.


In summer I can see cold drip replacing my morning coffee either with a straw in the bottle (I am so glam) or poured over ice…maybe even over ice cream as a special dessert?


I am so glad to see this new addition to the Melbourne coffee scene. Plantation coffee Melbourne. I am a fan.

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  1. this blog-post is so obviously a sales pitch — but it does sound very enticing, must give it a try this summer.

    • Lol – I should ask to get paid for it then!

      Any time I am given a free product, discount or a freebie I will always declare it within the post. This sadly wasnt one of them beyond the taster I was given (I hadn’t identified my self as a bloger, just a potential customer, which incidentally I have become – have you tried the cold drip?)

  2. lovely blog you have here and thanks for the awesome review :) we have more varieties of cold drips running at the moment and Ben(the white guy with long hair), K(the cute guy in the picture) and myself(the other guy with long hair) are experimenting with different single origins on the cold drip!

    the three of us cant afford to pay you but next time you visit we’ll get you dosed with some nice c/ds!

    • Thanks Eull! Hope you didn’t tease K – am sure you are all cute :-)

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