who is melbournian girl?


Welcome to my Melbourne blog!

I am a thirty something girl in love with her beautiful city. After years living in overseas (London and New York) and missing Melbourne more than I could say I am thrilled to be home! 

I love getting out and doing some of the many random things this city offers and have a total weak spot for shopping, good advertising (it is devastating how often good advertising – even mediocre advertising – works on me) and anything ‘i’, lucky I had already jumped on the iPad band wagon before I started this Blog or you could have gone through that journey with me too!

I have a strange but strong adoration of Christmas, creating and writing my Melbourne blog, cupcakes, Chanel, writing my Melbourne blog, coffee, my iPhone, iPad writing my Melbourne blog, and Kindle, macaroons and things that sparkle. I like cute, kitsch, quirky, lady like, pretty, girly, random, french chic and gray….

I have been blogging about Melbourne for a few months now and am learning new things every day.

    • Melbourne always has something new and intresting to offer (always – how does this city mange it I ask?)
    • There are LOTS of pepole out there who feel exactley the same. (yay you!)
    • My spelling is atrocious (but I already knew this).
    • There is an entire community of bloggers in Melbourne and I am loving being a part of that world.
    • Blogging has been a great excuse to justify trying the latest restaurant or tourist attraction or macarooerie (yes that is a made up word)
    • That you can make up words (sometimes)
    • That writing this blog has led me to new adventures, experiences and friends…

    I love to receive emails so here’s the address:
    Email: melbourniangirl@hotmail.com
    or go to the Contact Me page

    **Melbournaingirl, a blog about Melbourne 

    (Melbourne Blog) is written as a hobby.



    1. HELLO!!! :) I’m a newbie to your blog…but thanks for linking me in your lovely links :) Just saying hi and I’m going to subscribe to you now so be prepared to be stalked :P

      • Not a problem Ling!! And feel free to stalk my blog – I am wrapped to have you as one of my readers!!

    2. love your blog! melbourne is awesome.

      • thanks navyblue! I couldn’t agree more about Melbourne!

        • btw what Cafe is the best in terms of Coffee? Should also have a nice cosy feel to it? and reasonable price. I need a cafe to where I can sit and write.

          • Hmmm good question.

            Are you looking for something in the cbd or on the fringe? Weekdays or Weekends?

            The city has lots of great places but many are shut on weekends. South Melbourne, Carlton and Fitzroy have a lots of great ones too…

    3. looking in cbd for weekdays. just some place nice and quite so i can sit down, gather my thoughts, contemplate on life and then write. lol. some cafe like from Frasier. lol.

      • Thousand Pound Bend on Lt Lonsdale should be at the top of your list!
        Harry Joys, Equitable Place
        Giraffe Cafe, Lt Lonsdale
        Cafe Vue, Lt Collins St
        Social Roasting Company,McKillop St

        There are a few more but can’t think of the names!

        • Captains of Industry is quiet and right in the centre of Melbs in Somerset Place (upstairs)

    4. I now shall stalk you too and dream of my next trip to Melbourne! I bet there are even more cool cupcake shops to visit!!

    5. Just came across your blog, made me miss home! I miss Melbourne! Have just recently moved to America, but reading blogs like yours makes me want to be back home! Melbourne is def a GREAT city!

      • Thanks Naz – I think it’s a very easy city to miss! When I lived overseas I used to crave pics from the local shopping centre and people walking along Bourke St mall – so if there is ever any pics you are after let me know – could inspire a blog post for the home sick!

    6. True, it is an easily missed city :) Any pics of Melbourne are great :)

    7. Stumbled across your blog by pure chance… just read your bio and swear I was reading something I could have typed myself! Love it and love Melbourne. Looking forward to following you… in a cyber sense, not a “stalk you around the streets” sense :)

      • Hi Brit,

        Am glad you found the blog – it’s great to meet other Melbourne fans!

        Feel free to cyber (blog) stalk away :-)

    8. anything Melbourne interests me and your blog is up there awesome. like it.

    9. Ah, a woman after my own heart, cept I am on the wrong side of 50. Have recently returned to Melb after about 25 years away. I wondered what all the hype was about, Now I KNOW! Love it and love all the trips down memory lane. Particularly like all the corner stores that have been made over to trendy eateries on the fringes of the city.

    10. Yay – very excited to have stumbled upon your blog. I’m new to Melbourne (from London) and am excited, but a little nervous about getting to know this new city. I’m going to brew a cup of something warm and kick back and soak up your hints and recommendations! Thanks x

      • Welcome to Melbourne! I hope you grow to love it as much as I do :-)

    11. I will be stalking you as well, since I have the daunting task of moving from Sydney (I know Sydney like the back of my hand) to Melbourne. Discovering Melbourne is part of the fun – moving to Carlton after much deliberation over where to live

    12. I lived in Melbourne and now back to my home country. Missing Melbourne badly. :’(
      Manasa recently posted..All that are afforfable are NOT always fakeMy Profile

    13. hi! i’m a newbie here in melbourne. i enjoy going to the cbd. it’s great that i came across your blog. very informative.

    14. Hello Melbourian (Melburnian?) Girl,

      I’m obviously getting on because I remember the aquarium attached to the Exhibition
      Building. I went to school across the road from the Building and we would sneak over at lunchtime to look at the fish. They also had trained seals leaping from platforms into
      a pool! My memory was that the fish tanks were encased in rock but a book I have about
      the Exhibition Building points out that what I thought was rock was in fact cork. Anyway, it was an absolute wonderland to us and I have fond memories of it. It is indeed an exceptional building and I’m so pleased it’s been preserved and protected, unlike many others that are long gone. Congratulations on the blog.

      Regards, Colin.

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