Blogopolis 2011 – Am I a real blogger now…

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Blogopolis 2011 – Am I a real blogger now…

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I am off to my first blogging event/meet this weekend – the giant Blogopolis which I am majorly excited (and very nervous) about. The day is set up around a series of MasterClasses lead by some of my favorite bloggers – celebrities in my world!

I have been reading lots about the do’s and don’ts for an event like this and one thing I realized was that I was totally lacking in business cards. Quel horreur. My blog is a personal past time an is funded entirely by yours truly so I never really thought about making it so grown up with business cards. But the more I thought about it the more it made total sense. I would hope I would be able to grab cards from those I meet so I can later look them up online without having to scribble down everyone’s details. So – I needed cards too.


With four days to go I was facing the following options;

  1. Paying a fortune ($100 quotes)
  2. Handwriting them
  3. Going without
  4. Cutting up sheets of A4

I debated between these and landed on the idea of building a template in Word then printing at a copy shop on thicker paper and hand cutting. I love crafts but have no natural affinity. Wobbly cards anyone?

So off to Office works I headed and the genius Thuy was able to scan my word document print out (I used an image I had drawn on my iPad and taken a screen shot of), shape it in publisher and then use a magical machine to print and cut into the perfect cards!!


This all took about 15 minutes, I could find no mention of online, and can be done with no copy or a single image on paper. I am thrilled to pieces so if you are madly running about pre NNB2011 looking for cheap express business cards – Officeworks (in my instance at QV) may be able to help.

And the total cost? Under $25 for well over 100 cards. Yay.

With all the extra time up my sleeve I thought I would try and customize my business cards a little so picked up a silver posca, pink highlighter and a corner craft punch – perhaps not my best idea but hopefully it will help my cards stand out a little and may even draw a new reader or friend to my site. If nothing else it gives me a shared laughing point.


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  1. Great cards. I did mine at officeworks. Did my design on photoshop to an A4, printed in colour double sided on quality thick stock and got 500 cards for about $85… then I had to take the buggers home and cut them lol… mum MAY have helped ;)

    • I was thrilled when she showed me the cutting machine. I had been debating those zig zag scissors so my cutting technique would be less obvious. :-)

  2. Those look amazing and that sounds incredibly cheap for business cards. I don’t have any business cards for my blog, now that I think about it. All in good time, I suppose!

    • Thank you so much! I haven’t really had a use for them with my blog before, but given Blogopolis it seemed like a good idea to get some. Am sure I can think up a use for any left over :-)

      • Yeah, going to a meeting like that is a great time to have business cards. Just keep them around if anyone is interested in things you do. :)

  3. I’ll be seeking you out on Saturday – what a great idea. I don’t have cards either but I think I may now have the solution! Thanks!

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