Are you mad…

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Are you mad…

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…for Mexican? I am! And am thrilled to have visited Melbourne Centrals latest edition, Mad Mex, a chain with one in Prahan and few in Sydney. It reminds me a little of Chipoltle in the states and for those of you to who that means nothing i shall just say it is a little different in style to Salsas.

CJ and I headed here after we “liked” Mad Mex on facebook and got a 241 voucher. It’s in the back right corner of the newly built food court and is unmissable with it’s giant Corona chandelier – surprisingly not as tacky as it sounds – and wall mosaic. The space looks friendly, fresh and has self contained seating within the food court. I recall this set up being popular in the UK and am surprised how often I am seeing it here now.

We arrived just after sixish and joined a small queue (that never disappeared while we were there) and began deliberating our selection. The menu is based on picking several options from the list to create a customized whole. It’s kind of hard to explain but am hoping my handy dandy photo of the menu helps.


See – cool right? I love this sort of flexibility in a menu and found the staff when preparing our meals in front of us were friendly and helpful around our questions (also really very nice about me taking photos). CJ and I made our choices and decided to add a bag of warm (corn) chips to the order for $2. With the voucher the total cost between us was $12. Bargain.

The interior seating was all taken up so we took our food around the corner and sat a low table with giant morocanish (notice my use of ‘ish’ when I have no real idea?) cushions on the floor. There is something about eating in this style that adds fun/charm/relaxedness to a meal. Around us were other groups on cushions, a couple on an akward date on stools and lots of students randomly scattered about.


CJ had ordered a Chicken Burrito and I had the vegetarian naked burrito (no wrap). Our servings were both generous and fresh with a lovely but not salty seasoning. The vegetarian options comes with a really fresh avocado mash and i was able to request nicely spiced japaleno peppers that added the perfect kick to the meal. We chatted, crunched and enjoyed our random meal out (it was an entirely spur of the moment decision to dine out).


I can easily say I will be back here and given how popular this food court appears to be I wouldn’t be surprised if they start staying open later.

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