Beneath the moonlight…

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Beneath the moonlight…

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What is it about summer and watching films in unusual locations? I have just returned home after an evening in the Botanical Gardens at the Melbourne Moonlight Cinema

It was almost the perfect night for  the Moonlight Cinema with sunshine and a gentle breeze although it got a little cooler as the evening wore on (Dino impressed us all by bringing what seemed like dozens of layers from the depths of her Mary Poppins like bag) . We arrived at Gate E, right at the far end of the botanical gardens around 7pm and headed surprisingly far into the gardens along a sunny path with lots of other happy cinema goers.

Laden with picnic supplies, blankets and aeroguard those who had pre purchased tickets online walked straight into the sectioned area of the gardens and those who needed to get them lined up at the swiftly moving queue outside.
(this pic is just because I wanted to show off my new summer shoes – toot cute right?)

When we sat down and got settled (it filled up surprisingly quickly) we realized we couldn’t see the screen yet but by the giant gap through which we could see the lake we worked out where it was going to go.

Picnicking in the park is a lovely way to spend the evening and we spent the next hour and a half catching up, enjoying our Vegemite sandwiches and treats and generally basking in the niceness of life.

 As the evening passed we noticed a giant blobby thing (I hope I don’t confuse you with all my technical terminology) began to emerge and fill the gap. We were impressed as it continued to inflate and unfold into a massive screen. We had been worried as we were rather far back we might have difficulty seeing – no need to fuss with this inflatable movie screen.

The film began and everyone settled into their blankets, bean bags, low rise chairs, rented lounge beanbags or just sat and watched the film.

(just a lil sugar)

About half an hour in the bats returned home once the last of the daylight had vanished and they looked beautiful as the colony of bats flew over our heads and into the trees of the park for the evening. They also made this really cute bat noise – which sooo doesn’t match their scary bat attitudes. You know what I mean…

The moon was nearly full and we all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and of course how can it be too bad if you get to watch George and Gosling for a few hours. We watched Ides of March and I enjoyed it but there are lots of film varieties coming up ($18 adults) over the coming weeks and this is a perfect summer activity. So – Get thee to the Gardens!

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