By hook or by Cook….

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By hook or by Cook….

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Can you think of a more perfect way to spend a Sunday morning than with a friend, good coffee, a muffin, a beautiful park and walk and a visit to Cook’s Cottage?

Well this is how I got to spend one of my Sundays a few weeks ago with Sim. We met at Cumulous at an inhospitable hour of the morning (pre 10am on a Sunday) and picked up coffees and scrumptious muffins and headed through Treasury Gardens to Fitzroy gardens. We sat on a park bench and caught up and chatted with the odd tourist passer by – it was a lovely morning that seemed to invite random Good Mornings and chats.


On her way to meet me, Sim had popped her head in to Cook’s cottage to find out what its all about and suggested it as a good place to visit post coffee. Despite spending at least a few hours most weekends at the Fitzroy Gardens I can’t recall the last time I went to Captain Cook’s Cottage, certainly a very long long long time ago.


The cottage tucked away in the lower portion of the gardens is actually where he (Captian James Cook) resided whilst in the UK living in Great Ayton, Yorkshire and was donated to Victoria by Sir Russell Grimwade as a centenary gift in 1933. Pretty generous right? The house was shipped in 253 crates complete with a ivy cutting which had grown on the original building. When we visited the house was swathed with this very same ivy.

For the princely sum of $5 each we were able to go in and explore this delightful little place.


We were issued with information cards by costumed staff and headed on our exploration journey. There is certainly a romance about a building like this so far removed from the typical Australian abode and filled with such important history to us. The house comes complete with original stone carved door header and mounting stone outside the front step.


The house itself is tiny but nicely laid out, am not sure how I would go about living in a place as small yet it all seemed to work out well. The interior was furnished with items appropriate to Cooks time in the cottage and there were panels with even more information about the history of the house and life as it might have been.


Outside was a stunning cottage garden that was packed with in bloom flowers brightly lighting up the space. That was when we spotted them. Costumes! Now for those of you who know me you will also know I can never resist the chance to try on old fashioned costumes at museums and historic houses – so Sim and I dived right in and tried on a variety of items. A lot of fun!


We took our posed photos (Serious Face, Curtsy and well you get the gist…) and I think made a few of the other visitors smile. All in all a perfect morning!

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 9am to 5pm
Cooks’ Cottage is not open Christmas Day.
Last visitor admitted 4.45pm.

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  1. I love a good cottage garden but miss the pics of you and your friends in costume!
    Considering my house s smothered in ivy I am always amazed at the knowledge that people actually shipped it on purpose to new continent!

    I live in Georgia US and Kudzu could really take over the entire state” – and in some cases has! What I would not give to have a “cure for eliminating english ivy form my beautiful 70 ft oak trees.
    thanks for the cottage adventure, I loved the costumes hanging on the line.

    • I love when a tourist attraction comes with costumes – nothing like having dodgy pics of me and my friends dressed as servants, Vikings, Tudor kings and queens…

      Good luck finding that cure and thanks for reading the blog!

  2. Wow, thanks very much for posting this! It is gonna help me when I am thinking about going to AMC Cinema Saver 6 in Fort Wayne! I am from Out of town so I am not familiar with Fort Collins. Next time I see my family will be much better! Fantastic!

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