Cupcakes by Paolo…

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Cupcakes by Paolo…

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Cupcakes are a topic I could happily discuss with you for some time, so when I had the chance to try out one of Melbourne new buzz cupcakeries, Cupcakes by Paolo, I was quite excited. 
Bean, Dino and I piled into the car and headed off to theire West Footscray Cupcakes by Paolo shoppe (about a twenty five minute drive from the CBD) ready to soak in the cupcakey goodness. We arrived at the store sitting in a set of a few little shops on the edge of a busy road where a few guys were sipping drinks outside and enjoying their sugar hits. We headed in and admired the kitsch cupcakes the pretty glass cabinet full of the flavor selection and noted the pile of cupcake boxes ready to be collected. 

Cupcakes by Paolo

After all the Internet buzz about how great this place we were pretty excited to try them out. We picked up our pre ordered box of 24 mini assorted cupcakes and oohhheed and aahhhheed about how delicious they all looked. I had used a fantastic value scoopon to make the purchase – bargain – so the box cost $19 instead of $42. But as they say there can be no price on good cupcakes…am sure someone somewhere says it anyway.


They have an amazing flavor array with some really cute different choices. In the 24 mini box the flavors are pre determined according to their selection – and I say why not lot the experts pick! 
Now this is the debate I have as a blogger of what to share and what not to share. When later tht evening the box was opened for a share a thon we all selected different flavors and eagerly dug in. The icining for those of us sweet-tooth’s out there was delicious, moist, good sweet balance and on the right side of icing to cupcake ratio. The cake portio it’s self was the surprise. Many were dry to the point that the icing really wasn’t able to rescue them. Grieved we popped the box in the fridge overnight hoping that by the morrow they would be a little more palatable. I find that this trick works for some of the best cupcakes (magnolia bakery to be specific, they are amazing day one and doubly amazing after a night in the fridge). Luckily the fridge trick worked, sorta, and the chocolate/red velvet ones were delicious and we enjoyed these little morsels of goodness. 

Cupcakes by Paolo

The vanilla or strawberry based ones were still dry but a smidge better so back in the fridge they went. They came out again later almost biscuit like hard – So am torn to decide if these were perhaps slightly older unsold versions reissued to scoopon holders or of this is simply how Cupcakes by Paolo work.


I still have one more scoopon which means I get to give them another chance but for the drive to goodness ratio I really hope we just got a dud batch of the minis. Will let you know how it goes! 

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