Do you hear the music…

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Do you hear the music…

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Our second last stop as part of our Melbourne Open House day expedition was St Michaels Church on Collins St. There were a number of churches open as part of the MOH2011 event but Dino and I made an agreement with Bean that we would visits just one (after traveling around Europe with Bean we had learnt the art of church negotiation).

In part our route through the city made it an easier and smaller pool to choose from and we settled on St Michaels Uniting Church lured in by the description in my guidebook tossing around such words as “lombardic romanesque style”, “galleried auditorium”, “2225 speaking pipes” and last but not least the promise of an organ recital at the beginning of each hour. How handy; It was about to turn 2pm.


We entered the galleried auditorium that is shaped in a semi circle with tiered seating so that from any position you would easily be able to see the speaker. I love this concept for a church and think it would be a lovely place to hear a sermon if you are that way inclined.


We sat and took photos of the stunning stained glass windows (if you are interested in them it is right about now you should wish it was Bean writing this piece and not me) and awaited the first of the pipes to begin speaking. And waited. Waited some more. After about a ten minute wait (I think we were all rather glad to be sitting for a little while) we realized we were unlikely to be able to justify sitting any longer under the guise of waiting for the music to begin, it clearly wasn’t. So we all headed along to the side of the church were Mingary sits. I have always wanted to visit Mingary, billed as a peaceful sanctuary for people of all religions and denominations. I love the idea of the creation of a place of respite not linked to any one faith.


Mingary itself was beautiful, peaceful and serene. While a small space, I can see the appeal for those who need to think or meditate that this space would offer.

From here we headed on to our final stop in our open house ramblings but I think I will make a concerted effort to head back one day as I would like to hear the organ being played.

St Michaels Uniting Church
St Michaels Walk
Melbourne VIC 3000

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  1. Well, you know how much I like me churches…

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