Follow the blue line, follow, follow, follow, follow the blue line…

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Follow the blue line, follow, follow, follow, follow the blue line…

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I love having a day off work just because. While very strongly of the opinion that one (i.e. me) should not use annual leave in vain I decided with the coming of the Queens Birthday long weekend to treat myself with a day of leave not for holidays or showing guests around or anything in the ‘worthy’ category but just because. So the question springs forth what to do with such a day? Lunch with a friend seemed like a perfect solution (sandwiched between taking Binky to the park and rambling through craft stores).

I headed out to St Georges Restaurant, a student training ground situated on the NMIT Preston Campus, to meet Bean for lunch. Upon arriving at the entry point to the campus I pulled up to the gate house and was given a parking pass and instructed to follow the blue line. I found this enchanting. So my car and I followed the blue line humming the yellow brick road song from the Wizard of Oz. It ended perfectly in the restaurant car park (both the line and my humming).


The restaurant itself is bright and filled with table cloths and linens that feel like a time gone by in this modern age of bare or paper (in the trendy sense) table tops. The students, both chefs and staff, are enthusiastic, proactive and a delight to be looked after by.

Upon being seated we were shown a trolly laden with three signature cocktails of the day. I believe I have mentioned before how easily persuadable I am. I selected The one called “Tropical Touch”. It was fruity and delicious. And $4. I haven’t mentioned the prices yet have I? They were very very reasonable, one might even say cheap, for such a sophisticated menu.

We ordered our meals with sides choosing each of the vegetarian choices, the red lentil soup with parsley scones and the caramelized onion tart with rocket salad. Bean ordered the soup and I had the tart. Both were packed with flavor and delicious. We then decide to splurge on a dessert of pannacotta and a cherry something I can’t spell but somewhere between a soufflĂ© and pudding. Both were very tasty but after our giant lunch neither of us managed more than half.


And the bill total? $38. Yup, your read it right. BARGAIN. While it was obvious we were being looked after by students this was more because of their eagerness to serve and their high level of attentiveness rather than any inexperience on their behalf. I would happily return here again for dinner or lunch in the future.


Afterwards we took Binky for a stroll on the oval and I met my first reader who is not a friend. Ok, she is a friend of Bean but still very exciting for me and a lovely way to cap off the day.


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