Follow the north (Fitzroy) star…

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Follow the north (Fitzroy) star…

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You may recall a few weeks ago that on Census night I introduced you to my “local” (insert disclaimer – this pub, the North Fitzroy Star, is not particularly local but so much do I wish it was that’s what Dino, Bean and I have dubbed it) but was more chatty about the census than the wonders of this little pub.


Any pub that comes complete with hundreds of the orange backs (the orange and cream penguin paperbacks) and boardgames is automatically a bit of a winner in my book. This place adds to it’s head start with a multitude of rooms and doorways and chintzy wall paper and chairs that make you feel you have entered some middle place between here and somewhere a little more fantastic (in the original sense of the word).


On Sunday when a group of us caught up to celebrate Dees birthday I was thrilled that this was the chosen venue. As we were a decent sized group we sat in the conservatory style room at the back that was flooded with sunshine and with a door propped open into their small but lovely courtyard allowing a soft breeze entrance it was a marvelous place to spend a cosy Sunday afternoon.


I may have mentioned in my last post on this colorful pub that we generally end up grabbing share plates rather than their main meals – this time the group settled into the full menu with glee. I ordered the pasta (sans meat) and it was tasty with juicy lightly roasted/pan fried cherry tomatoes and others ordered the fish dishes or pork belly. General feedback from all was delicious!

Some of the gang also ordered desserts from the yummy selection (puddings, ice creams, tasting plates) but so full of pasta was I that I settled with a restorative cup of peppermint tea (nanna in disguise – and yes I sing this in my head with the theme song from transformers “robots in disguise”).

Oops – I nearly for got to mention our lovely blend of cocktails (Pimms in the pic at the rear) and mocktails/drinks for the driver (berry mocktail at the front). Normally when I come here I order wine but given it was the middle of the day and I still wanted to head to the park and do my grocery round up I went with a mocktail. It was delicious, packed with fruit and sort of a blend of sweet berry and tart lime. I will happily order this again!

This pub easily continues to justify it’s honorary “my local” title.

PS- there is plenty of parking and places to secure bikes nearby; just make sure you check for the permit signs.

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  1. Shhh… it was supposed to be our secret local… :-) now everyone will know what an awesome place this pub is and we won’t be able to fit into our usual nook in the back!!!

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