From Rubble to Riches…

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From Rubble to Riches…

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I love it when the place I visit comes with an inbuilt cheesy heading for me, if you havn’t noticed they are my preference. Rubble to Riches is a large Trash and Treasure weekend market in Laverton. On Saturday morning I was up unholidaily early (about 6am as Binky decided she was done with sleeping and wanted to be LOUD and ANNOYING) and there aren’t many places one can go to that early in the morning that are dog friendly. On a Saturday. On a long weekend. For those of you who tweet, and more specifically follow me, you would have seen my pre dawn tweetering as I tried to make up my mind.


R2R, as it shall henceforth be known, opens to the public at 7am so was the perfect solution! I loaded myself, Binky, a carry bag and some yucky home made coffee into the car and headed west. Upon arriving at the market I was pleased to find no car queue to get in (last time it took about 10 mins), paid my $1 entry and was ushered into the carpark. Or what was left of the carpark as most of it now seemed to house store holders, their vans and their stuff. Given how early I was (about 8ish) it surprised me that it took a bit of time to snag a park but found one, left Binky to finish her dreams in the car (the irony here was not lost on my sleepy self) and I went off to browse. Or more to the point watch store holders set up shop.
Only about 10% of the stalls were actually open/fully setup which lead to some very uninspired and dare I say it slightly grumpy wandering about. Did they not read the same website as me listing that they opened, to shoppers, at 7am? By about 8:30am I had visited the same shops about three times each, sadly eyed the hot donut stand and it’s glossy not open till 10am sign, picked up and put down the same don’t really need it item, avoided the shady looking coffee stand taken some photos and decided I was probably done.


I wish more had been open as the giant furniture shed looked interesting and I do like a good browse. However the siren call of coffee lured me to a favorite of mine in Yarraville and from there to bargain coat at Footscray Savers so it all worked out rather well.

Surprisingly enough I would recommend a trip here (perhaps after 10am) especially if you are doing home renovations, like rummaging or need socks. I did see FCUK black leather gloves for $25, OPI nail polish for $7 and if you need a bling watch this is the place to go.

I couldn’t help but take a photo of this phone – when do you think the last time it was used?


8-18 Leakes Rd, LAVERTON NORTH, VIC, 3026

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