Happy Bath, Cross Bath…

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Happy Bath, Cross Bath…

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I LOVE Bath, there is something about it that just speaks to my bones. I have always (well perhaps not when I was two) been a fan of the stunning city and was determined on this visit (no way was I visiting London and not Bath) to head to the Thermae Baths using the water that the Romans and the Regency folk claimed had so many benefits. The luxury baths opened a few years ago and I have never had the chance to go so this trip I begged, pleaded and cajoled Chuck to go with me. The plan was one trip to the multi level facility on our second day. That was until on our first (very very hot) day we decided to swing past The Thermae Bath Spa to see what it was all about and determine if we need to book. We both noted the amazing stone building across from the entry called Cross Bath and I wondered if once upon a time it had actually been one of the old baths used. It certainly hadn’t occurred to me that it was a side part of the Therme Baths. But you guessed it – it is an additional “private” (max of 12 at any one time) outdoor bath that looks from the outside as if it has been there forever.


We enquired about availability and told that it was free for the afternoon (and with no persuading required – the picture in the broucher and visible exterior did all the work for me)so we booked for a few hours later.


Upon returning at 4ish we paid £3 to hire a towel and were walked across to the Cross Bath by one of the many friendly employees. We were lead to the side of the complex where she knocked on the door, very secret society style, and then into the small foyer with lovely warmed flooring. From here we could see the large bath (sort of looked like a spa) in front of us with only four other occupants softly floating about. We jumped into the changing rooms, grabbed our locker keys and took to the bath.


It was heavenly. The water so packed with minerals on first entering feels odd as you sort of have to make an effort to enter it’s warm embrace. It’s then unbelievably easy to float and relax and just take in the stunning surrounds. We did perhaps spend a little time twirling, water jogging and just playing around. But we also floated. The baths have these awesome noodle things that e other occupants were all using to support the floating and after awhile we managed to get hold of them too. They were great to just wrap around your back and just float and relax.

We were lucky enough to get the bath to ourselves (doesn’t that sound odd…) for about fifteen minutes between other visitors and it was fantastic (Your £15 buys you 1.5 hours and twenty mins changing time). One of the things we also found funny was a)watching people get out of the bath and having to deal with gravity (stumble stumble) and b) getting ourselves out of the baths (stumble stumble).

It was a perfect day for it with sun shining, the sky blue and looking as the sun began to set at the changes in the stone work around us. They are doing some building works on the adjacent building but by 4pm the workers had stopped and while the building was covered in plastic it was easy enough to ignore.


The Cross Bath I think would be amazing any time of the year (the waters are a perfect temperature) and would have loved to have tried when there was a light snow fall. Perhaps next time?

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  1. Hi, we’ll be in Bath in November. I was wondering about the cost of the Cross Bath. Did you think it was worth it? Are there places to lie around the pool, or would you get cold? Did you get bored? Thanks so much.

    • It was £15 for the hour and a half plus changing time and I thought it was really great value. There are a few chairs to lie around on but I imagine you wouldn’t as we found that just lying around in the pool is so easy that you will not want to spend the time out of it. In November you might also get cold being out of the water. Not a hint of boredom in sight – for us we mixed the time with mindless floating and playing games in the super floating water. I hope you get a chance to go and have as much fun as we did!

      • Thanks For Sharing Great Information. It was very helpful

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