Happy Valentines Day…

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Happy Valentines Day…

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Valentines day is one of those days we either love to love (especially if you are in the hallmark business or happily besotted) or love to hate with protestations that’s it’s a commercial love only and we should declare our love (if we have any I guess) daily and not need prompting from a long dead saint or a baby with bow and arrow.

Valentines Day


However, I love the chintz of it all and think its a sweet day to show those we love we care about them (not of course that we need an excuse but really who wouldn’t like a holiday that involves getting a gift and doing something nice). I also like that there is romance in the air and that I get to read the the Hearld Sun Love Book – cheesy name I know but kind of a fun read if for nothing other than the creative names and the odd one from Mum (not mine, just in the general sense).


Looking for something to do?


For those looking for something to do Melbourne Central seems to be going all out today as the “Centre of Love” with the chance for lovers to pledge their love, Kikki K post it note style, on the walls of the shot tower (I this is a cute idea) and will have a love booth so lovers can be pampered and made even more radiant by Gorgeous Cosmetics with photo to follow in the love seat. Shmultz? Yes, but gloriously so!

Valentines Day

Melbourne Central’s Romantics Crew will be also gifting roses and chocolates to those lucky lovers meeting under the clock at midday (who needs the empire state building at sunset hmmm?), with one lucky couple winning a retailer prize pack to help spice up their Valentine’s Day.

For the singletons out there head out with your friends, stay at home and read a good book or watch a favorite film (be it Sleepless in Seattle, Bridget Jones or something very very far removed from Valentines Day).

And if you hate the whole day?

Valentines Day

Blame Chaucer who in the 14th Century turned an old Saint (or possibly two as history seems a bit shady about which Saint Valentine this all dates back to) into a romantic hero instead of just a Saint who’s head was stored New Minster, Winchester (ewww right? And totally unromantic). I have included an excerpt from the poem below and shall kindly leave you to ponder its meaning…

“For this was on seynt Volantynys day

 euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.” Chauser,  Parlement of Foules

Yup – that’s what started it all.

Happy Valentines Day dear readers! 





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