Have you ever had a kookaburra land on your shoulder…

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Have you ever had a kookaburra land on your shoulder…

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No? I wish could say the same…

But to add a little context to the tale let me begin by wishing you Happy Melbourne Open House Day day! I am the sort of person who loves plans, lists and adventures (Enid Blighton style as opposed to Bourne Identity). So with one of my favorite Melbourne weekends looming I began to pull together a scarily time tabled outline of a day scooting about Melbourne getting to see inside all of the places I normally am not allowed to put my sticky beak into. I promise to tell you all about the buildings soon and the adventures (waltzing, wine and hats) – but a whole tirade of them is too much for a Sunday night surely? And the kookaburra story is too good not to share!


First on my expedition was the Royal Exhibition Building but after a lovely night with the blogging community I was slightly the worse for wear so begged Dino and Bean (ok, they were as eager if not more so than me) for a trip to locate coffee and sustenance first. We headed to the newly opened Blue Moon cafe on Russell for hot coffee and Cheese toasties. They have made this place feel a little like an uber trendy departure lounge and linked as it is to the Space Hotel it fills a hole for somewhere that can take you from breakfast to drinks with ease. The staff were friendly and the food coming out of the kitchen looked great. Will def have to come back and try their menu soon!


It being a stunning day in Melbourne (yes, you read that correctly – I said stunning as in sunshiny, crisp, moderate temp and perfect for expeditioning) we decided to drink and eat in my beloved Carlton Gardens. We sat demurely (as, if we could be anything but) on a bench, removed the foil from our toasties and began to eat and chat. My toastie was exactly what I had needed and I was thoroughly enjoying it when I got to the last quarter. The next thing I knew a kookaburra was happily sitting on the pavement in front of us bashing my sandwich on the ground trying to make it more edible for him. Nice.


I am the girl who screams and jumps when someone shouts boo at me from around a corner but when the dear Kookaburra landed on my shoulder, so used to Binks jumping on my shoulder when I am reading, I merely looked on as his beak leaned over grabbed the bread and flew down in front of me.

We could barely hold our laughter long enough to grab a clear photo of him all supporting his right as a native Aussie bird to enjoy the bready goodness and grateful it hadn’t been a pigeon.


And even after we moved on you can see in the corner of this photo sits our very own ‘King of the Bush’ – oh laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra gay your life must be.

Blue Moon Bar on Urbanspoon

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  1. what a cheeky Kookaburra :) Pictures are lovely

  2. This story could not be more Australian if it tried!
    Good image capturing – camera must be ready to grab at all times.

    • Lol – and I didn’t even have to use the word ‘mate’. Am so glad I had my camera nearby!!

  3. This post made me laugh! I have a total phobia of birds (strange i know) so an experience like this would have left me in hysterics! It was so lovely to share lunch with you on saturday and meet ‘the girl behind the blog’. Keep in touch:)

    • Lol – thanks Jess. I thinks it’s only cause of binks that I didn’t scream and scare everyone in the park. Never did I think I would be greatfulnfor for all her years of playing back of sofa dogapult!

      Thank you for ‘adopting’ me for lunch – I had a lovely time!

  4. What was binks doing during this un-warranted attack on her master.. back in her day when she managed the door at spice market no such toastie theivery would happen!

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