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It’s a little like stepping into Etsy. In fact many of the store holders are on Etsy. The Rose St Artists Market is tucked in a back street of Fitzroy and offers a wide range of crafty hand crafted goods. The mostly open air space is in a former junk yard and has been around since 2003. It’s one of those places that often feels like a locals secret and stepping into the grounds as a non local is a little like entering a secret garden.

It was a perfect day for browsing (or sitting in the park) and I spent a pleasant half an hour in the Market trying to find the perfect necklace to wear to a party tonight – theme ‘a little bit blue’. The market showcases up to 130 artists over the weekend (every weekend) selling jewelry, clothes, homewares, furniture and art.

While i didn’t find my necklace I did spend some time debating over potential purchases at a number of stores. One guy was selling old fashioned lockets featuring pictures of Melbourne, another had all sorts of cutlery twisted into jewelry. I tried on hats and button necklaces and really liked the products from a store called Let’s Have Tea(pictures below).

There is also a cute cafe tucked in the back corner called Kanteen and the coffee (soy latte) was pretty good, there is something about walking around a market with fresh coffee.

A great place to browse with friends on the weekend.

60 Rose Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
(03) 9419 5529








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  1. Hey, that was a nice little write up on the markets. I would love to see more write-ups on Melbourne markets. I am so not “up” with all the handmade markets in Melbourne.

    Keep it up :)

    • Hopefully I will be able to help – there are so many I want to explore!!

  2. I go to the gym just around the corner and it’s always interesting to see the characters and stalls being set up early on a Saturday morning.
    Also, there is usually a dude decked out in leather who sits on the corner of Brunswick Street handing out flyers, and I’ve always wondered if it for the Rose Street Markets. Maybe I’ll ask…one day.

    • I saw that guy heading down the street to the market yesterday. His look was pretty impressive and i wondered if he was tied to the market – if you ever ask let me know – lol!

      • So I walked past this dude last Saturday and he caught me looking up Rose St towards the markets. He then said “I saw you looking up there, you should head on by” whilst handing me a flyer for the market.

        So it would seem that he is indeed tied with them. While kinda intimidating, he was very friendly >.<

        • Yay! Mystery solved!!!

          Isn’t is funny how we all speculate – he seemed nice and smiled when I walked past him so am glad he is involved with the market!!


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