Just riding along…

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Just riding along…

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When was the last time you rode a bicycle? And i don’t mean the nicely secured ones at the gym!

For some it’s a daily commute and others a beloved hobby but for many of us it’s something we have really not touched since we were of a school age (I think about 15 for me – no idea why I stopped – just did). Living in the city I always see people riding around looking so pleased with their mode of transport on their “comfort” bikes (how cute a term is that – comfort bike – naw) or zipping past hunched over their speedy bikes (my terminology).

I have wanted to join in! A friend a few months ago lent me her old, heavy slow bike and I really enjoyed short trips on it – slow and steady makes it to her destination right? So I have been hoping to save for my very own bike and then yesterday a wonderful and lovely bicycle fairy offered me one of her bikes – for my very own!!! I have barely been able to stop grinning since! I went to collect it, from said amazing bicycle fairy, this morning and she was so good as to walk me to the MCG (awesome place to get acquainted with riding again)! I had an absolute ball riding in circles around the concrete circumference until I got up my nerve (and the footy fans started to roll in) and headed into the city.

(this is it’s new home!)

I LOVED it. I have never ridden along the Yarra before (only around north Melb) and it was stunning, and well maintained and so much fun. This is such a new way to see Melbourne. How have I been missing out for so long?

Well you don’t have to miss out even if you don’t have a bike – With the Melbourne Bike Share Scheme we can all go for lovely rides around town and ding our little bells and nod and smile to one another. The bike scheme is set up with share bikes (from as little as $2.50) and you can still by helmets from certain vendors (some 7-11s) for $5. The bike stations are located all around the city and the bikes have a number of adjustable settings so you can make them work for you. With Spring here and Summer on the way it’s the perfect time for a ride and to explore Melbourne!

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  1. I lvoe bike riding in the sunshine – my hubs and I usually do it every weekend or so where we ride to the city and back from our place (which is about 35km round trip!). It’s glorious to see Melb that way and the trail we take follows the Yarra river so it’s so pretty.

    • I am hoping to do the Yarra ride this weekend! It looks so nice and love that’s it’s off road. Until last night I had never riden on a road at night before – Mega scary – you have never seen a bike with more lights!

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