Life’s a little random…

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Life’s a little random…

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While traveling I managed to take a few photos that sadly have no natural blog home. So as ever the diligent blogger (was that stretching it too far?) I decided to create them a little space all of their very own.

This first photo was taken on a Sunday on Fifth Avenue in New York following a giant Latin American (we think) parade that went on for several hours. I can’t recall the last time I have seen so many police in one place outside of a police academy movie….


This photo was taken in Knightsbridge not far from the V&A Museum where we had spent the afternoon. We loved the idea that it looked so narrow from this angle but of course from further around revealed it’s shape to be more of a v just ending in a narrow space.


On my first evening in New York I stumbled (in my incredibly jet lagged state) into a night market beside Madison Square Park. It was packed with people sampling their dinner from the dozens of vendors. There was music playing and people talking laughing and even dancing. There was something about it that made me feel a little as though I had stumbled onto a film set.


One of the things on my hit list while in Paris was to visit Marriage Frères perhaps the worlds finest tea maker. I walked some distance to visit their stunning tea shop in Marais (where I did indeed partake of tea) and then as I made my way back toward central Paris I found this little concession in Galleries Lafayette selling it as well! If you are wondering why I think it’s the best tea you can try this tea right here in Melbourne at La Belle Mitte (Marco Polo is my preferred blend should you be wondering).


This was taken at a medieval French village not far from that fairy tale castle. What was so sweet about this little village nested on a hill was that it was very much still lived in and I love the idea that these houses have seen so much of the world change and perhaps many generations of the same families.


Ok, this photo is to me very little short of gross. Being a vegetarian, and even when I was little and wasn’t, the idea of eating slimy snails icks me out. But should they be to your fancy you can get frozen ready meals from your local supermarket in France…mmmmm


In our wanderings (dare I say brought about by map reading confusion) we passed a little charity shop with these two sweet as a pea dogs longingly waiting for their owner to come back and get them. I love that they have snuck just inside the front door but still look so innocent…


And how could a trip to London be complete without a visit to paddington bear? While this picture shows Paddington solo (not even a marmalade sandwich in sight) I realized looking through my photos that I have nearly ten photos of me with Paddington since I was sixteen – who needs a height chart photos when you can have Paddington bear pics over the years?


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