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Lady Melbourne - This is a fashion blog that I just adore. Lady Melbourne covers fashion, local events and is great about sharing her own style tips and tricks with her readers.

Melbourne Gastronome - this has to be the go to spot to work out where to eat in Melbourne. The MG takes great pics and does a really balanced review. Even better the MG somehow always seems to know the new places ahead of everyone else - a great way to impress others if you are in charge of finding the next meal venue.

Wheres The Beef? - As a vegetarian I am always looking for tips and ideas about what to cook and where to go and love that this one is Melbourne based – have found a few things that have taken me out of my comfort zone and am so very much the happier for it!

The Best Beauty Blog - aahhhh make up how do I love thee? This is a great beauty blog and has the added advantage of being Melbourne based helping you find those local specials when they appear.

Streets of Melbourne - I check into this blog on a weekly basis to see the most recent lists of pics of Melbourne streets. I wish I had half this photographers artistic talents and had known about this site when i used to get homesick.

A mega malbourne based foodie with a long backlog to work out where to go next.

Only Melbourne – Blog Summary List - a this is a great summary site of Melbourne Blogs. The only catch is that many are out of date and no longer being updated but if you are looking for a bit of local historical reading on a rainy Sunday there is plenty of fodder here. Also has current and up-to-date blogs in a variety of areas.

**the below are still to follow**

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