Melbourne Music Musings…

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Melbourne Music Musings…

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We love to call Melbourne the city of books, the fashion capital and the cultural hub and sports destination but we also absolutely rock the music scene too!

A few years ago I began attending The Port Fairy Folk Festival (the line for coffee is longer than the one for beer and soy milk always seems to run out) and relished that most often my favorite bands, the ones I grabbed CD’s for (or iTuned) were nearly always local Melbourne bands. I am sure I will come to talk about venues at some point in my blogging life but I wanted to share with you four of my current favorite Melbourne bands with you.
Alanna and Alicia Egan

Melbourne Music

This is the first band I fell in love with a the PFFF to the extent that I think we saw them play three or four times over the course of the three days. I then proceed to play the two CDs I purchased almost on repeat over the four drive back to Melbourne. Alanna and Alicia are twin sister who know how to blend there folky, souley, jazzy voices in to clever, sparkling and witty lyrics that often have me nodding my head in agreement or laughing out loud in horror at how closely they get life.

Melbourne Music

With songs like Waltz of the Last Lover which asks the new boyfriend “do your knees grow stronger when she walks in the room, does her leave you cold” to Big White Dresses (on “Sydney Rd”) about the years slipping away in which they refer to “toddlers in designer label outfits spilling bubba cinos in Rathdowne St Cafes”. These songs are just about perfect for my life and you can visit their page here to find out when they might be playing near you and you can even listen to a little of their music.

The Tealeaves

Melbourne Music

This was the band I was finally persuaded to switch to on the car ride home and has become a dear favorite of mine. Live these guys are amazing with folky rock blend inspired by Cat Stevens and Simon & Garfunkle and they fill my house with music on many a lazy Sunday afternoon.
The Little Stevies

Melbourne Music

This young Melbourne band was such a lot of fun to listen to and so very Australian in their style. A blend of folk and pop I have loved that I have recently bumped into their music on a few friends iPods and even once in a shopping centre. Their latest albulm Attention Shoppers is fun and fresh and very easy to listen to. I love the songs The Day We Went Away and Button. 

And my final share with you is..


Melbourne Music











Asami are a four piece acoustic pop band based in Melbourne and launched at the Wokers Club with their second EP launched at the Builders Arms. – how Melbourne music scene right? I love that they have a clip up on You Tube of there beautiful “Please Stay” so of course I had to ask some questions - 

Q: Was the clip shot in Victoria and how did you pull it together?
A:The song featured in the film clip, “Please Stay”, is a song I wrote at the end of 2010 and we recorded it in a little bungalow in the northern countryside of Victoria.  We packed all our computers, recording equipment (2 of us study Audio Production) and instruments and spent the Easter long weekend recording our EP.  We decided the song needed a film clip so we asked two VCA students, Tenika Smith and Will Storr to help direct and produce the clip.  The clip was recorded in one day on a private property in Trentham and was shot in between sporadic showers that passed through the area.

Q: If you had three hours in Melbourne what would you do?
A:If we had 3 hours to spend in Melbourne, we would most probably:
Eat a big pre-show salad (something I missed when I was living in Japan)
Play a show at The Workers Club and get someone to take all our gear home for us (a luxury we have never experienced)
Have a few drinks in some beer garden, or even better a rooftop bar (hoping that the Melbourne weather will give us a balmy night)
Catch a show at The Forum (What a gorgeous venue!)
End the night at a cheap and nasty Asian restaurant in the city (where we have spent countless late nights talking about music, love, life over spicy fried chicken)

Cute right? I love our Melbourne Music and know there are dozens if not hundreds of other bands I will love but have yet to discover. Do you have a favorite? 

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