Melbourne vs Sydney & Television…

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Melbourne vs Sydney & Television…

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…so I recently made the decision to part ways with my beloved Foxtel and to transition to the ever expanding world of free to air. For most people having Foxtel doesn’t preclude free to air but one of the many joys of inner city living is my Foxtel only got Foxtel channels and no free to air. I seem to have a natural inability to catch anything when it airs so i live for the iq/pvr function.

I have discovered something horrid. Australian tv channels can’t tell the time. Every station is out of sync – how is this possible? When did this happen? Has no one given the world clock telephone number to the channel executives? I have two shows I am addicted to – How I Met Your Mother which I am inevitably missing the first or last 8 minutes of and Melbourne based Offspring which returns next week – any chance they will fix this in the interim? I am guessing not but, have no idea how the tv channels have been able to get away with this for so long. If one would commit to running on time I would happily commit to it.

See – this guide implies shows run on the hour…


Now back to a bit more Melbourne focused. :-) . Rant Over. But still talking tv. I do like tv. A few weeks ago twitter went crazy with a Getaway Special on channel 9. Melbourne vs Sydney. The Great Debate solved once and for all…or something to that effect. So the Getaway “team” devided into Melburnians and Sydneysiders and was across four six key areas.


Can you guess the outcome?

let’s see the scoreboard:

Weather 1
Opera House 1
Sydney Harbour 1

Shopping 1
Food 1

What a surprise – a draw – so to solve the dilemma the two the challengers appeared with Eddie on a mockup of who wants to be a millionaire – very tough questions…




And then….drum roll please….the winner was announced…




Yup you guessed it Australia! For having two such wonderful cities…ummm what about Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Geelong, Darwin and all our other great towns and cities. If you are going to cop out do it nicely!!

Anyway was in Brissie last week and planning my next Sydney trip for next month – and while I LOVE Melbourne it’s good to explore of our other great cities!!

As you can see today’s blog is a little rant like but promise in tomorrow’s update to introduce you to a great half price cocktail bar in Melbourne. Mmmmmmm…

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  1. The IQ function on Foxtel is to-die-for, however I always tapped the show on after and before when it came to live sports – the one thing that could never be trusted to run as per the tv guide.

    Since getting rid of Foxtel and not watching much tv these days, I dont really have that problem, but I certainly know what you’re talking about!

    As for the good ol’ Syd v Melb debate, I’m always biased as I was born and raised in Melbourne town. As for the shows that do this stupid contest (at least once per year), I don’t know why they even bother! Funnily enough, each year for some reason, I’m still sucked in – haha!

    • Lol – nothing we Melburnians love more than the Sydney/Melb debate…and think the Sydeneysiders feel the same way!!

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