I understand there are more important things in life than possessions and obsessions, I really do, but here are a few things I love!!!

Binky – my beloved sidekick dog, at 15 she is a little trooper (not a possession – more I run at her bidding).20110419-120244.jpg

My Christmas Obsession- and everything to do with it (and for me it’s an all year round thing – yes, my tree goes up shamefully early each year).20110419-120308.jpg

My Pride and Prejudice Obsession - my all time favorite novel, Mr Darcy…sigh, read yearly

My Molton Brown Yuan Zhi candela obsession- this was a major splurge years ago and I was known for very strict lighting in five minute allotments. Long enough to make the room sleep worthy and short enough to extend the life of this little slice of heaven.20110419-120331.jpg

Statement Jewelry Obsession (how could you not?) - if it sparkles even better. I love this necklace a purchase from Diva last Christmas for under $20 – I believe it was originally in their Alex Perry range.20110419-120355.jpg

Shoes Obsession - more importantly these silver heels with bows – there is something about their shiny prettiness that always makes me smile.


My Macaron Obsession - light as air with a sweet crunch, transports me to a Paris cafe in a heartbeat. These ones were especially lovely from the tea shop in the NGV.


Cupcakes – do I need to say anything more

My Kindle Obsession- as a heavy duty book reader I found that returning home the prices of books here was prohibitive. It was no longer an $8 grab and go at Barnes and Nobles but a $40 investment at Borders. I resisted the kindle tooth and nail (what is the point of that expression?) crying my love for the physicality of books, their smell the way they looked on my bookshelf’s…only to have the two people I know who read more than me confess they had made the change and wouldn’t look back. So I broke and now wonder what I was waiting for – am ashamed to admit i have even repurchased the odd favorite on kindle because I love the way it works.20110419-120604.jpg20110419-120547.jpg

My iPad – all my blogging originates from my iPad and I have found it to have easily infiltrated from a nice to have to a must have for me. Flipboard, StumbleUpon, Pulse and PvZ are all great reasons to have an iPad. As is surfing the net. I am not a fan of it as an eReader when the Kindle does it a hundred times better. But for everything else I love it.20110419-120645.jpg

And finally….my final love…

Melbourne – the city that inspires, thrills and delights me.



  1. you’re such a girly girl.
    love it!

  2. Macarons, Jane Austen, pretty shoes, sparkly girly things, your gorgeous doggie, your love for your city, foodie! A girl after my own heart! I love it!

    • Thanks Melly!!! Always good to meet someone with similar interests !

  3. Yay! love your obsessions! Its August now, time for the christmas tree yet? My husband makes me wait until December!!

    • Lol – I usually manage to hold out until October when I begin buying. Decorations and then first week of November I normally crack. But the truth, it’s usually Melbourne Cup Weekend I want to put it up!

  4. BTW would love to see a piccie of your latest cupcake adventure! Maybe you could have a whole cupcake section? Maybe cupcake shops should pay you to test and post comments on their most delicious treats!! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm maybe I should start a Brisvegasiangirl cupcake blog!! Was it hard to get started?

    • Good call – I have a lovely one to share but I really do need to explore the world of cupcakes more as this blog so far is lacking…lol – any excuse!

  5. haha! my christmas tree just went up – and it’s still November.. although Coles is already playing christmas music *sigh* …that’s the shit part of christmas (repeated corny christmas carols).

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