One of the reasons to love Melbourne…

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One of the reasons to love Melbourne…

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Our city can be a little random sometimes. On my walk home tonight I came up Russell St and began noticing little white arrows dotted along the pavement outside the back of the State Library. At first I thought they were a shoe print or scuff mark (silly melbourniangirl), then perhaps some sort of maintenance marker dotted every few meters close to the back of the fence.


The arrows looked a little like the were made from icing sugar but seemed to hold up to the rain soaked pavements very well. I am no PI or detective and a smidge of a germaphobe so I must be honest and admit I didn’t touch them to feel the composition. Would Nancy Drew be ashamed of me?

Then, at the lights on the corner of Russell and LaTrobe, there was a puddle of about three of them together indicating to cross the road here. So I did. It felt a little like playing a game and I was part sure I would stumble upon a university game, a new super secret hidden bar or a shut door and the remnants of something interesting and cool that had occurred earlier in the day. It was a little exciting.


Now I am about to mean. No meaner than I have been to myself but upon crossing the street I noticed they continued to head down LaTrobe towards Swanston. It was cold, I was carrying my very new, very giant, encyclopedia of Melbourne whom I shall introduce you to later, and I sort of debated – to follow or not? Dear readers, I made the foolish decision to head home. And now shall never know what these random little white arrows meant. And it is driving me a little crazy. I do so like to know things. So I shall pass the puzzle into your collective hands. Any ideas?


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