Order in the house…

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Order in the house…

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Our final Melbourne Open House Day (to see the other posts just click on the tags below) visit was to Parliament House a must see on Dino and my list. I have sat on the forty one stairs dozens of time, I have watched rallies and posed in the odd wedding photo here but I had never been inside.


Upon arriving we joined the end of a long queue that took us about forty minutes to reach the front of. Everyone was surprisingly in a good mood and chatted around us with the odd volunteer (odd as in random than as in they were odd) giving us brief time updates. It’s a beautiful place to line up if one has to be in a line and the weather remained bright and sunny.


Before I take you through the building I thought I would quickly share some eye candy with you. If you are the sort of girl (or boy) who considers a chandelier eye candy. I certainly do. This building was packed with crystal and lights dripping everywhere – so sparkly!


In the main foyer we were introduced to our ‘difficult to take a nice photograph of’ (you will see later) but eminently entertaining tour guide. The entry hall is impressive and I think it would be either very cool to walk through here to get to work or intimidating to head to a meeting.

We then headed into the legislative chambers. It was all very green and despite the number of us in the room I couldn’t see anyone’s complexion that came out the better against the particular shade of green chosen. Perhaps thats the point? I can imagine it would be all to easy to be distracted during some of the sessions. No offense of course to those of you who make the laws. If you have ever looked at photos from these rooms and wondered I can confirm the chairs were decidedly comfy and I might be able to understand why so many drift of to sleep in them. The green color we were told is to represent the grass and trees and there are all sorts of rules around who may walk into the room and along the carpet. Evidently the queen is not allowed. There are rules about these things you see.


We then headed in to the library and so you don’t feel to sorry for them with all their dry reading I managed to find a juicy novel section and a heap of lonely planet guides. Holiday planning anyone? We walked through two library rooms and I felt a pang of jealousy as both were stunning and exactly the sort of place I would love to curl up with a novel. I also spotted a copy of the Encyclopedia of Melbourne – see we share the same reading tastes!


We also walked past a luncheon display and a costume that reminded me of what this place must have been like in times gone by. Sometimes I forget we have such a rich history here beyond our aboriginal heritage and the gold rush. It was really nice to have the chance to wander about.

PS – here is my best snap of our charming host.


Our final room was the Knight Kerr room where we were lucky to see an original drawing of the architecture plans on it’s last day on exhibit. You can see in the photo a dominant dome that was never added to the building. I think it’s a shame but it remains a stunning and imposing building none the less.

To wrap up the day we naturally headed for some wine which I promise to share in a future blog.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day running about the city and the chance to step inside so many iconic Melbourne buildings. I can’t wait until next year!!

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  1. I do love a good chandelier – there is the most beautiful one inside the Regent Theatre. I really need to buy a house big enough to have a massive one hanging in my lounge room!

    • I am slowly working chandeliers (lamp or downlight fitting style) into my lil home but none yet even close to what I hope to achieve!


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