Putt putting along…

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Putt putting along…

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A few weeks ago over a delicious brunch I discovered that Bean had never played mini golf in Melbourne or anywhere else for that matter before. Questioning what on earth she had done on childhood vacations (I feel mini golf was a staple of ours) I instantly reconfigured our afternoon to include a game of mini golf.
How great are spontaneous adventures? In possession of our iPhones we speedily searched for mini golf in Melbourne and located a nearby (this may be a slight stretch) centre, the Latrobe Golfpark, and headed off. In true adventure style we stopped at a cute outlet, strange green grocers (an onion cost me 1 cent) drove past some sort of tourist farm and an old house.


Upon arriving at the Latrobe Golfpark, located about 40mins North of the Melbourne CBD we were surprised how many cars filled the Carpark, other people evidently came here too, and headed into the centre.


The Golfpark housed two sections an outdoor mini golf area to the left and a driving range to the right. We snubbed the driving range and decided we would play one round on the mini golf side. We happily paid our $10 (I think) and collected our cute putters and chose our ball color. The wrong color we were sure could end in scoring disaster.


When we got outside we realized we had the choice of two options – the water theme or the desert theme. Both looked a lot of fun with different challenges but we went with the desert theme as it involved playing over a mountain like object that looked intresting.


Let me state neither of us were very good. In fact I am not even sure we could use the word good but we did have a lot of fun tapping our balls around the 18 hole course often agreeing to restart the game and having to move our balls back onto the course…slippery lil things.


We played through caves, over mountains around holders and past lakes. We hit holes in one and holes in we can’t possibles count that high.


Upon reaching the final hole we realized we had really enjoyed playing but had an odd desire to whack the balls a little further so we purchased a bucket of balls each and headed across to the driving range. It was, I am sad to say, incredibly satisfying getting to hit an object with a stick and see how far you could send it. Bean came into her element here and I spent a lot of time hoping no one saw how close my recently hit ball was to my feet.


All in all a perfect day out and makes me question why it’s been so many years since I last played mini golf in Melbourne. I will happily be playing again.


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  1. You make Bundoora sound like it’s at the ends of the earth :-) It was a fun day… Tiger Woods won’t be threatened, at any rate!

    • I don’t think even kids who can hit a ball will be threatened! It wasn’t that far out…

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