Shall we play cards…

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Shall we play cards…

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I love love love being in the know about the things to do in and around Melbourne (am figuring you may have already guessed this?). When I first got home a few years ago after having spent most of my twenties on foreign shores I realized the places I recalled as being the ‘it’ places either no longer existed, were no longer ‘it’ and worse were geared at someone in their uni years and not a cultured sophisticate such as… well myself. Quel Horreur.

So in very typical MelbournianGirl fashion I went and sought information and tools that would help solve my problem. Little did I realize all the answers lay in a little pack of cards.


Deck of Secrets, Melbourne originated of course, is like being in the know instantly. The packs cover everything from Bars, Spas, Cars (ok not cars but was on a rhyme roll) brunch and cultural activities across Melbourne, Victoria and the rest of the world. Each pack has 52 cards focussed on what’s in and where to find it. On the front is a photo, spiel, contact details and hours and the back has a snapshot map of the location. Handy.

I purchased a few packs and Green gave me two as a gift. When I first got the bar ones the girls and I had fun splitting the cards into been, not been, piles. I then decided I would have twelve months to try and visit all those I had yet to go to. We actually tried really valiantly for several months and visited quite a few on the list (me desperately trying to fit the decade of my Melbourne twenties in a few months) and made some great discoveries. Places none of us had been before and some not one of us had ever heard of and some we may struggle to find again. Melbourne does love a hidden bar. I carried the deck in my bag and it was easy to decide where to head next instead of those moments we are far too familiar with of standing on the pavement for 20 mins deciding where next.


Since then I have used the dining, bar, bar fringe, brunch and cultural on a fairly regular basis when making plans and have now got the drinks app on my iPhone including magical ‘nearby’ tool and easy import of details into my contacts list. I do love my iPhone.

As I was taking the pics for this post I actually discovered the answer to something I had wondered about. In my Bar Americano post there is a photo of these tiny lil figurines in a little glass box. I know now it’s actually the 20×30 Gallery a contender for Melbourne’s smallest gallery. Cool. See how good these cards are? The decks are available online and at bookstores (if you can find one still open – too sad).

I have had a lot of fun with these and am so glad that someone came up with this idea. Even happier that its a Melbourne based creation. Yay Melb. Happy Exploring!


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