She’s back with a giant purse …

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She’s back with a giant purse …

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Can you believe we are already well into the first week of 2012?

After celebrating New Years Eve Melbourne style, outdoors under a blaze of gold fireworks, I am ready to get stuck into this already surprisingly warm year. Before I continue on my path of sharing my favorite Melbourne finds, restaurants, macaroonaries (yup, my very own made up word) and shopping spots and the odd purchase or dozen with you I wanted to say thanks for letting me share my adventures with you…nothing helps my justify a splurge quicker than using the phrase “it’s for my blog…” .


I also thought I would let you know, for those of you like me who use it as a meeting rendezvous (doesn’t rendezvous sound entirely more dashing than spot?) that the giant purse in Bourke St Mall has moved away from the GPO and further up the mall to just outside the Bodyshop and opposite the malls two latest additions Swarovski and Steve Madden.


 I am not sure if this a permanent or temporary move as it did move for awhile in 2005 I think…

The Public Purse (aka Giant Purse), as its more formally known, was commissioned in 1994 as part of an initiative by the city of Melbourne to create distinctive forms of street seating. Simon Perry the designer says it “signifies an interaction between the city and its citizens, the public and the private”.


All well and good but for it’s the giant purse is really just an iconic part of Bourke St Mall and now am going to have either move my meeting spot, albeit only a half a block, or just say meet you outside the GPO…on the concrete.


Not quite the same ring to it? Perhaps if I had some of the giant coins it must surely contain I could purchase a new ring….

(where the giant purse used to be)


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  1. That….. huh. I wonder why they moved it?

    Maybe a purse-snatcher tried to grab it and thought it was just too heavy to lift.

    • Lol, Now that makes total sense!

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