The best deals in Melbourne…

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The best deals in Melbourne…

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It sometimes surprises me that someone hasn’t subscribed let alone heard of one of the many, many, did I mention many, online “coupon deals”. I think there are at least 15 providers in Melbourne if not more and most offer a daily deal and several, sometimes many, side deals.

These have been such a find for me, I have been massaged, gone out for dinner, been a tourist, had a facial, my car washed and even eyelash extensions with these things.

Having spent most of today on a plane am currently longing for a bit of pampering and wishing I had one of these up my sleeve – oh that’s right I do – for tomorrow, how convenient.

It can get a bit confusing through, with so many you face the risk of a very full inbox (many encourage email subscription) or spending some time scrolling through the ever increasing websites.

So I thought I would share a recent find that captures all of the sites together and share my two favorites with you (these are actually the only ones I have purchased through).

All The Deals

This is a giant summary site that covers most of these coupons in one easy click/location. As you can see there is a chance to buy one of just about anything.




This is prob my most used of my two favs. I find they have great specials and often in my area so am a big fan of this site.



This is another great site with good lay out and a wide range of deals. Have had some real bargains from here!


What to know?

These deals rely on a minimum number purchasing them so occasionally you end up reserving a coupon while they wait for enough others to do the same before a sale goes through.

You generally can’t use the coupon straight away having to wait up to a few days after the deal has closed.

The coupon comes in code form generally as part of a printable coupon. Some places require the coupon itself some just the code. Some sites send you the coupon, some you have to log in to get it.

They do limit how many you can buy or gift so read the details.

Sometimes there can be a long wait as these are very popular. I had a haircut and treatment at the Aveda salon at Retreat on Spring (sorry to say would not recommend – but it was about 80% off) and tried to book in Dec ending with a feb appointment.

These places get swamped by calls on the day of the deal as everyone has a question – so you may find it hard to get through or the staff a little curt. They are generally lovely on the day so don’t let it put you off.

These places dont make a big if any profit on these often paying the coupon intermediaries 20-50% of the sale price which is usually at least 50% off all ready. So I say if you like the service, refer, go back or even tip – it’s been a good deal!

Hopefully you will be as happy as Binks here!!!


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  1. OMG – thank you for introducing me to that site.
    I normally have to go to EACH one and have a look and it’s so time consuming!


  2. I like your blog. You may like this site too. A deal aggregator which will help you in searching deals all in one site.—

  3. Great! I’ll check on them too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You’ve left out – they have the best deals all the time!


  1. Why yes sir, yes sir… « melbourniangirl - [...] partly because I love the name from the nursery rhyme. So on Saturday, freshly coiffured from my scoopon visit ...

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