To market to market…

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To market to market…

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When was the last time you went to the Queen Vic Market? I don’t mean the fresh food side but the random bit of everything side. For me it’s been aaaaaaggggeeeeesss. I don’t live too far from the market so buy my fruit and veggies there once or twice a month but I always duck in and out never straying across to the other side…(queue menacing music….jk).

So when looking for something to do before 11am on a long weekend, and a Sunday no less, I decided to head to the Market, Binks on her leash and all. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular just a browsey ramble and perhaps a dog treat.


It felt a little like I was back in the UK as all I could hear around me were British accents. We, the British and I, browsed leather bags, winter coats, bizarre children’s toys, I love Bieber hats (yup, you read that right) and random clothing for about forty minutes. As the long aisles began to merge into one (figuratively not literally) binks and I decided to call it quits and head home empty handed. As we were leaving I spotted a pair of thin head banded black ear muffs. Happy dance. I have been looking for a pair since I fell in love with an aspirational set at the Bryant Park winter market years ago. For the bargained down price of $10 I was very happy to leave with these tucked in my bag. Now you may question my judgment- ear muffs in Melbourne? – so let me share my justification process – cute, prevent chilly ears, cute, don’t ruin hair, cute, great for jogging (which I soooommmeeetimes do), cute and they had a thin head band – rare!


As we left I noticed a sign at one end reminding visitors that the site we stood upon was actually the former Melbourne Cemetery – creepy. It is said five executed convicts now haunt the site (re-queue menacing music)…so daylight trips only for me henceforth!


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  1. I was actually at QVM on Sunday also, albeit a few hours later than you. Line for the churros was as long as always. I did “find” (notice) the Brazilian BBQ place across the road which I might try one day, so I guess the walk around the market in some ways paid off.

    • And do you have a British accent? *grin*

      I didn’t make it as far across as the Churros – binks takes quite some time to do an ailse so we only visited the first shed and the pet shop. (perhaps for the best!)
      The restaurant sounds interesting – you will have to let me know if it’s good.


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