Tunnels of light…

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Tunnels of light…

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Can you imagine anything that might feel odder when jet lagged than stepping into, essentially, a giant balloon of many colors?

Yet that’s exactly where I ended up yesterday afternoon on Clapham Common for the 22nd Colourscape Music festival. A group of us headed down the common in the gorgeous sunshine and joined a massive queue of people lining up for the last day of this awesome festival. We arrived just before 4pm thinking we would be able to waltz right in. No such luck. After about twenty minutes of quint and straining our ears to listen to the gorgeous music emanating softly from the tents we were advised we probably had an hour wait ahead of us that meant while we would still make it into the tent we would probably miss the music portion of the event which finished at five 5pm.


While waiting we watched a kindly frozen yoghurt sales man who made few sales, dogs running about having a splendid time and children trying to turn a tree into either a castle or a pirate ship. Poor tree.

We also noticed people all around us munching on giant chocolate brownies so when Rose and Tain left the group and reappeared with these wonders of man kind we were all thrilled to bits. Most of us barely managed to make it to the half way point, but rest assured dear readers that no brownie went to waste. They were just popped away for later sugar highs.


About five minutes after the music ended we made it to the front of the queue, paid our £8 (the price does not reduce) and were lead over to a team of very bronzed and good looking men who instructed us on the removal of shoes (so blinded was I that I missed this competly and had to run back out of the tent to remove my shoes) and draped us is brightly colored smocks. I was chuffed that I got the green colour I had wanted as you don’t really get a choice. Just luck!


Once inside the surrealness starts instantly. As you can see from the photos (that really don’t manage to capture the full colour effect) it’s a series of almost balloons creating colour caves that change in progression. When people were wearing the capes they too added a sense of colour to the space and helped the eyes blend the changes together. It was amazing to wonder through room after room and we were all addicted to taking photos of the scape od of each other in it. Lots of “jumping” photos and blend into the wall of the colour smock you are wearing photos. Oddly enough red was the most flattering shade and blue the least. Just saying so you know where to pose should you visit.

We made one circuit through the labyrinth and then a few of our party headed outside with the colours and shapes and gently bouncing walls of the balloon making them feel a little nauseous. Rose, Tain and I remained for another lap, more photos and a little more sitting and watching the world pass by.

All up an awesome experience. I just wished we had been able to hear the music (I did play a smidgen of something exotic on my iPhone and can see how this would enhance the experience tenfold). And now I am chuffed I have all these cool looking photos that look so artistic but are really just point and click. Yay.

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