Twitter away to me…

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Twitter away to me…

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MSO, a secret symphony, is there anything more intriguing than a secret?

When Bean let me know about a secret event being advertised only across Twitter I was intrigued and quickly began to follow @asecretsymphony part of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) music program. It was so exciting, clues dropped here and there. Where would it be? When? Why…the twitterverse was abuzz.


Details slowly began to be shared until we thought we knew it all (lol, how often do we think that hmmm?)

The Paris Cat
8 Goldie Place, Melbourne
Monday 7th November
Doors open 8:30
Max 80 people

Ohhhh we were so hooked! Upon arriving about 7:30 to check the queue before heading out to dinner we were relieved to see only a handful of people waiting so felt it safe to scurry to one of the many nearby eateries to grab a bite to eat. Upon returning about half an hour later we joined the end of a rapidly growing queue (60ish?) a little nervous but hopeful we would make the first 80 people. The buzz standing in line was great and it was funny to watch the tweets appearing from the crowd.


A team came out and informed those in the line (especially the nervous ones near the back who looked like they were busy head counting the numbers in front of them) that there was to be a surprise second show at 10:30 and anyone not making it through would get a free drink! How nice was that?


Luckily Bean and I made it in and managed to grab the edge of a chaise lounge in this stunning venue. The Paris Cat feels a lot like you have slipped into an intimate French jazz club, perhaps tucked away in Monmarte. The walls are lined with lush drapes and curtains, the ceiling covered in framed paintings and prints and the bar sparkled in the reflection of a giant estate mirror.

The band began to strike up and Bramwell Tovey (think dad jokes with dishy British accent) intoroduced us to the evening and the team of musicians around him. These guys were talented through and through playing an amazing set of really diverse music brilliantly. I wish I had written down the songs but hope to find them out so I can download them. The music was sort of jazzy and bluesy with a nod to the classical and modern and quite diverse. Tovey even pulled out an impromptu piano piece comprising of notes from an almost birthday girls name. It was pretty amazing.


We sipped our complimentary wine (thank you MSO and City of Melbourne!!!) and floated away with the music. Yes, I was that girl who for just a second closes her eyes and gets carried away. Don’t say it! I know.
But it really was a magical evening.

I loved that this event was a twitter event and think this adds another layer of fun to the whole thing!


Hopefully there will be more similar events to follow as this sort of thing really makes me love Melbourne all the more. In fact even as I write this I see a tweet hinting at the next event. The clue? “A place shrouded in history”.

There is something kind of wonderful to walk home on a normally dull Monday evening having had a glass of wine, attended a secret musical performance and been to a jazz club. I love Melbourne.

a secret symphony

PS – for those of you worried about missing out Twitter is easy to join, you don’t need to add friends and be accepted, you can follow anyone who tweets and you don’t have to tweet a peep. You can follow everyone from authors to producers to musicians to politicians to company CEOs to NASA to the Victorian Police (who oddly enough occasionally have a sense of humor), why, you can even follow me!
As long as you have access to the Internet you are in.

PPS – if encouraging you to follow me on Twitter wasn’t enough I wanted to let you know I know have a new email subscription service (see top right on the bar on the right) so you can be emailed my posts!

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