Breakfast at Tiffany’s…

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s…

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Yesterday morning droves of girls clad in their very best Holly Golightly headed to Collins St for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

The doors to the newly redeveloped Tiffany & Co on Melbourne’s Collins Street opened to an expectant public, offering the lure of marshmallows and mugs to a lucky few. It was the glamest I have seen Collins St looking in some time – even an aqua carpet was rolled out. I was sorry I was running to an early meeting and didn’t get to participate in the fun.


For months now the facade has been covered by a giant blue fronting and the store relocated a few shops to the east.

The Collins St store used to feel like a gorgeous old style bank and is now sleek with carved glass, metal screens and a spiral stair case. It feels as though it could compete with the finest in the world yet I cant help but be a little sad that we have traded old world glamour yet again (Myer, David Jones) for shiny new.

(old facade)

Today CJ and I headed down to have a browse over the three floors (two and a mezzanine) and were delighted by the top hated doorman, the droves of smiling staff and the luxurious feeling this place exudes. They offer all the traditional diamond, gold and silver and have set aside a little more space for glasses and giftware. The mezzanine is home to engagement rings and watches all bathed in the soft blue glow of the falling chandelier that cuts through the three floors.

They also had a number of stunning items on display including a truly aspirational diamond necklace that they splashed across the cover of the age yesterday. Sigh.

Hmmmm… I just need to find an excuse for a new piece to add to my collection. Perhaps a necklace similar to the above? Oh, that’s right. This is the real world. Still, I loved getting to look at it in the store while it’s on display and hope they continue to provide stunning show pieces similar to those on show in the fifth avenue store.

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