What the O?

Melburnian vs Melbournian

Not really a great debate.

Melbourne residents are often referred to as Melburnians or Melburnite’s and in both these the terms the “o” has been dropped. When trying to land upon an alias that felt right for my social networking accounts I knew Melbourne had to be in the title and that there are a few melbourne girls out there blogging at the moment. I settled upon melbourniangirl (even if the girl part might be considered a stretch) as I just preferred how it looked with the ‘o’ still in it. I tried a few times sans ‘o’ but in the end decided its my blog right? A place for me to be, well, me? O and all.

Melburnian vs Melbournian


  1. Well done Melbournian Girl – stick with the “o”!! Looks right to me!

  2. Yes stick with the “O”, it’s part of Melbourne and it’s good to be uniquely you!

  3. Hah this is funny. As one of the melbournegirls you refer to, hello from me. I’ve been blogging variously as melbournegirl and Melba since 2008, so it’s nice to meet you. I often need to check whether it’s Melburnian vs Melburnite and so found your blog. Have a great Easter.

  4. Thanks for this post! I was just doing the finishing touches on a post myself when the old debate came up and I had a moment of confusion!
    I think the O looks right! :D

  5. Hahaha! I love that you have a page about the “O”. As I was setting up my blog and talking to a friend about it we had the same discussion. What to do with the “O”? The world will just have to accept that its there but we don’t use it ;) Love your blog!

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  9. I like your website name, I think Melbournian is the more common slang to use.

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