What’s Blue and Red and Yellow…

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What’s Blue and Red and Yellow…

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Has anyone else noticed that in the last year or so the Rialto Towers have started to get colorful? After twenty three years of shining a reassuring blue light across the Melbourne skyline about a year ago I noticed that the traditional twin stripes on the top of the taller tower had changed to a glaring red in the Melbourne skyline. Rialto Towers Red. 

Rialto Towers

This Change from Feb-May in 2010 was in honour of their new tenant accounting and corporate advisory firm BDO. At the time there was a lot of intrest as for some reason the red really tilted how the Melbourne City Skyline looked. I must admit I was glad when it returned to blue. 
So after more than a year back in the Blue I noticed last night the top story (58th floor) on the taller building has again changed colour this time to a gentle yellow. Rialto Towers Yellow. 

Rialto Towers

The yellow actually looks ok but I found it intresting I could find no mention n the Rialto web site as to the purpose of the yellow. Naturally I will get my Nancy Drew on and try and resolve this mystery and will then share with you all.
In the meantime what do you think? I used to love that the Empire State Building changes colour to represent different things in the American culture/history but somehow am not sure what this is the case with our Rialto Towers…
UPDATE (20/12/11)
Both Towers are now yellow gold and according to That’s Melbourne it’s all in Honour of New Years Eve in Melbourne as we pay honour and tribute to our Gold Rush Days.

**apologies for the picture quality, this is the best my trusty lil iPhone can accomplish. 

Rialto Towers


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  1. Thanks a lot for your search! I was also wondering why the color changed. I think it is a very good initiative which, I agree, reminds me the Empire State Building initiative! Thank you for solving that mystery!

    • Not a problem :-)

  2. Thanks for following this up. Actually I was hoping that it was a secret marketing campaign. And the view de monde restaurant had bought the search terms for “yellow lights rialto”

    • No such luck – although I wonder if they will take advantage of it and issue a gold themed menu…

  3. Just to let you know both tower came back to blue this week. Maybe for the Australian Open. Same for the pedestrian bridge over the Poneyfish Island, which now has a blue light for the Australian Open I guess.

  4. I saw they were blue again last night and wondered what was going on…
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