What’s up doc…

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What’s up doc…

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I knew one day I would find an excuse to use this as my title – all it took was heading to Forty Carrots, the Bloomingdales institution in New York. Now wipe that recollection of the Myer cafe from when we were kids from our minds and think fresh and bright and specializing in frozen yoghurt. Yup. Frozen Yoghurt.

Tucked away on one of the upper floors, just past the Ralph Lauren bedding section this cheerful and always packed cafe is one of those places that’s just easy. Forty Carrots has a widely spanning menu that’s got a focus on fresh and healthy (can be a relief after a few days eating out while on holidays). They have a few veggie and gluten free options and can customize for vegans too. During the weekdays it’s a little disconcerting to see how many well healed upper east side women pop in for a bite of lunch as this place doesn’t equate to pearls and Chanel in my mind, but they are def to be found here amongst the tourists, families and friends catching up.


I selected a New York lemonade (still) and a Forty Carrots Greek salad. The Greek salad was massive and interestingly enough the ingredients instead of being tossed were placed into the bowl in sections. It also came with the dressing on the side (I love this) along with some fresh pita bread. While I happily crunched my salad and switched between kindle reading, people watching and desperately trying to ignore the very interesting conversation next to me (is it really apropos to discuss your affair with your substantially younger (at least 30 yrs) lover over frozen yoghurt?) I debated the big decision. Do I go the frozen yoghurt?


My friendly waitress advised it was only and extra $3 as I had ordered a main and while I didn’t have space even for the giant salad I was tempted. So I ordered a plain frozen yoghurt and waited eagerly for it to appear before me. This is amazingly good frozen yoghurt, just the right blend of sweet and tart and I had a little hot fudge on the side. Yum!


I was sooooo sad I didn’t have a enough room left to have more than a few spoonfuls (between my cupcake earlier and the salad I had been defeated). But I understand now why their is a constant queue at the Forty Carrots take away section up the front with the masses streaming away with cups and cones overflowing with different flavor frozen yoghurts.

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