Who’s a big kid now…

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Who’s a big kid now…

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Scienceworks Big Kids Night!

I had my love of science and technology reaffirmed, when tweeting about my London Science Museum Lates visit I got a response for Museum Victoria letting me know that Scienceworks here in Melbourne was doing a similar inaugural event “Big Kids” in just a few weeks.

Naturally I was in. So Dee and I headed over to Spotswood and to Scienceworks
to get our geek on. Or should that be nerd? I really like Scienceworks but when I went a few months ago, one weekend, the place was packed with kids which meant I felt a bit guilty playing on some of the activities while the kids were waiting – adult schmadult I wanted to play!


The Scienceworks Big Kids event ran from 7pm to 10pm on Saturday 5th November and was $18 for adults. The concept was great – adults only (well I like to pretend we were all being adults but a lot of squealing and gleeful laughter could be heard) with access to most of the museum and they added a few extra special adult activities and a free drink too!


We were greeted at the door by excited staff (was great that they shared the enthusiasm for the night) who seemed eager for the evening to go well.


Dee and I headed left towards the Explour-a-sourous exhibition where we tested our strength against the jaws of a dinosaur (we both would have been an easy meal), blended with the jungle, chose not to dig for bones, made a Dino dance and recreated different Dino noises. All in all quite a bit of fun.


We then decided it was time for a drink (included in the price of our ticket) and headed over to the bar in the centre of the space. Naturally we chose to celebrate the inaugural event with Bubbles, and impressed they had gone with a favorite of mine, Yellowglen Cremant a delicious mid range glass of sparkles. They also stocked two types of beer and both a red and white wine.


Drinks in hand Dee and I headed off to the main floor to explore the museum complete with eye tricks, balance tricks, a Nitty Gritty Super City and House Secrets (I will never look at drains or carpets the same way again). There were a few special areas including a senses section (sight, touch and smell – we even got to contribute to a bit of research about dominant eyes for males and females) and a science show looking at the science of alcohol and other drinks. My new interesting fact is that coke is more acidic than lemon juice and of you put a can of coke and a can of diet coke in water only the coke will sink to the bottom, all that sugar weighs it down.


They also had the kids play area upstairs open to all (we normally aren’t even allowed in here) so Dee and I hauled ropes, built bridges and played house.


We played at Sportsworks testing our strength (acceptable) and hand eye coordination (dismal) and then headed to the Planetarium to catch the 9:30 show. I love our planetarium and we had a brief tour of our sky’s and a glimpse of the milky way. I went to a talk here last year about the galaxies and have never felt so small or insignificant (in an amazing not I am so sad way) before – if you have never been to one before I suggest you high tail it here to lie back and take in the giant domed ceiling showing the world and beyond.

Scienceworks Big Kids

We wrapped up the night outside looking through the telescope at Jupiter, her rings and and a few moons. It was pretty amazing.


All in all the Scienceworks Big Kids Night was fantastic and I can only imagine as word spreads this will become an even bigger event next time!

In the meantime there will be a Cross(X)Species Adventure Club edible cocktail extravaganza at Melbourne Museum on 1 December! Can’t wait. I really do love Melbourne!

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  1. What a great round-up of Big Kids’ Night Out! Glad you had a blast. The woman with extra eyes still creeps me out.

    • Thanks, me too – I debated putting her on here – but thought I would share the creep factor, am nice like that!

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