You’re the top…

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You’re the top…

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Are you a Bendel Girl? Every girl needs a home wherever she is, some may tell you to look to your heart but when in New York I say look to Bendels. Henri Bendel has to be my favorite department store in New York, it’s perhaps one of the smallest but it’s the kind of place that has that amazing thing, a brilliant buyer. I nearly always wish I owned most of their stock be it luxurious cashmere scarfs, the perfect gossip girl esque headband or the latest Alex Woo necklace (this store is sooo Gossip Girl). So post MOMA visit this was where I dragged a very non kicking and screaming Berry and CC to introduce them to the wonder that in Bendels.

Bendel Girls (as opposed to Bergdorf Blondes) are my type of girl. The store is elegant, luxurious and well heavenly … They also often show the Bendel Girl with a dog – yay for Binky!

As we entered this Mecca we paused, as most do, to browse the giant tables in the entrance foyer piled high with jewels, clutches, gifts and things that sparkle. From here we turned left into the Bendel branded area filled with the iconic Bendel bangel, the gorgeous must try on jewelry and, sigh, there own line of leather bags. I don’t think these bags existed when I lived here and I realized I was going to have to rearrange my shopping budget. Immediately.

I proceeded to spend the next half hour (or perhaps longer?) carting my top three choices around this little side concession area trying on the bangles, posing with each bag, trying on the necklaces, posing with each bag, picking up a new bag, posing with all the bags…

Did I go practical, over the shoulder could then get to carry every day black bag? The stunning blue leather shoulder bag, the small purple clutch or the black, I want to hold your hand, clutch? I knew the over the shoulder bags were what I was meant to be shopping for – they were even on my “to purchase” list.
But have you heard the saying “the heart wants what the heart wants”?


Well, mine wanted this divinely soft swirly quilted leather clutch. I have other black leather clutches I will admit, but oh, look at it’s buttery leather goodness, the stunning hot pink lining, the row of golden studs, the shiny metal chain, the included mirror and the fact that I can legitimately carry a clutch with a dog on it, I LOVE this bag.


With full approval from CC and Berry and with Berrys purchase of a stunning sparkly necklace I went off in hunt for the iconic Bendel Stripe cosmetic bag.


As is so often the case with this store they had exactly what I was after and it now holds all my cosmetics and hangs neatly beside my mirror in the bathroom.


Please, if you are in New York, take the time to pop in here – trust me this is one of those places we all should visit and enjoy wandering through the make up hall complete with lovely attendees willing to show you the latest products, up the sweeping staircase to browse accessories (and Bendel poker chips, Bendel iPad covers, Bendel umbrellas) and beyond to shoes and clothes. Be a Bendel Girl.

The other thing I love about this store is that it rightly features in Cole Porters “You’re the top!”

You’re the top!
You’re the Coliseum.
You’re the top!
You’re the Louver Museum.
You’re a melody from a symphony by Strauss
You’re a Bendel bonnet,
A Shakespeare’s sonnet,
You’re Mickey Mouse.
You’re the Nile,
You’re the Tower of Pisa,
You’re the smile on the Mona Lisa
I’m a worthless check, a total wreck, a flop,
But if, baby, I’m the bottom you’re the top!

He knew his stuff…and they didn’t sell my lovely clutch when he wrote this or perhaps it might have been…

You’re a melody from a symphony by Strauss
You’re a Bendel clutch,
A Shakespeare’s sonnet,
You’re Melbourne.
You’re the Nile

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