Zara…Zara….Zara Melbourne??…

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Zara…Zara….Zara Melbourne??…

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This is just a quick update on the progress of the missing Zara Melbourne, in Bourke St Mall.

They have put up two Zara signs and it looks like the store is going to be massive!!!

They are also advertising on Seek if you are interested in being a part of the Zara team…I would imagine you get a discount….

(update – I have had a great and informative comment from Steve – see the comment sections for more details)

Original Zara Post

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  1. I thought they are opening in April, but looks like they are not =(

  2. It will be three stories of retail. The ground floor will the very large. Target late June opening. It would have been earlier but there were significant structural problems with the building :)

  3. Hi Guys,

    im the person responsible for the Signage Installation at ZARA Melbourne, we’ve got 2 more stages left, and the store is gonna be huuuuuggge.


    • Thanks Mike, that’s great to know! There is such a lot of interest in Zaras arrival – am predicting giant queues!!!

      • So i can see…all the girls i know are going bonkers, and kept asking me if the roumour was true, they didnt believe me till i showed them photos of my crew working on the Signage….hahahaha….as for the canopy, im not too sure, i’ll have to ask.

        • Lol – we are all crazy for Zara!!! It’s great to be getting some info though!!

  4. I hope they dont put the canopy back up? The building looks so amazing without it. Can anyone confirm?

  5. There will be a glass canopy. It’s going up really soon.

    • Sounds pretty – can’t wait to see it go up! Thanks for sharing the info!

  6. was on site today at Zara – Glass Canopy will be up, and works are going around the clock – the boys are putting in a monster effort.

  7. Steve – the glass canopy looks great! Have a new post with pics of it.

    Zara Post #3

  8. only a couple of days to go…they’ve had us working around the clock with signage!!!!

    • Lol – well lots of future shoppers appreciate all the work and hours you guys are putting in!


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